Thrilling Rides

In Hangtian, the thrilling ride could be painted with different colors according to the clients' special request. The size and quantity of cabin could also be customized. Its speed and height of rising is higher than other observation wheel. But it is safe enough for kids and adults. We have professional designers and technicians. Our thrilling rides have advantage in quality and price.

  • Drop Tower

    Drop Tower

    Drop tower game is one worldwide popular big thrill game. Drop tower is also named jumping circle rides and free fall tower, which is a type of park amusement rides, which is based on a central of tower and very popular among teenagers and

  • Flying tower

    Flying tower

    High flying is one of major rides of our amusement park with Ferris Wheel, roller coaster and drop tower. It is very thrill and crazy for passengers. Flying tower is a large amusement rides. It combines rotation flying chair with jumping to

  • Double deck carousel

    Double deck carousel

    Carousel ride is also named merry-go-round horse and turntable horse. The merry go round is one a classic amusement park equipment. When merry-go-round works, the turntable rotates at a uniform speed, and the horses with different shapes fl

  • Big Ferris Wheel, Sky Ferris Wheel

    Big Ferris Wheel, Sky Ferris Wheel

    The Ferris wheel, sometimes is also called a big wheel, observation wheel or giant wheel, which is one of the most popul

  • Flying UFO ride

    Flying UFO ride

    Phoenix Dance, also named Flying Disco/Flying UFO in the world, is one of the best-selling proprietary products in Hangtian Amusement equipment company. As the turntable of the ride rotates and swings along the track, it will be shining and

  • Flying UFO

    Flying UFO

    The flying UFO one of the most exciting amusement equipment, it has half round track, the turntable in the track can do reciprocating motion, during the motion, the flying UFO can rotate automatically, visitors can feel like in the air, th

  • Big Pendulum, big frisbee

    Big Pendulum, big frisbee

    The big pendulum is one kind of amusement equipment which makes motion along the horizontal axis. There are two kinds of

  • Energy Storm

    Energy Storm

    Energy storm is a new design and exciting amusement equipment. Recent years, it is very popular among young people. Ener

  • Break Dance

    Break Dance

    The break dance is a 360-degree rotation amusement ride that is suitable for children over 1.2 meters. With beautiful appearance, bright color, the body of the crazy dance is made of glass steel which is durable. When the amusement ride sta

  • Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment seat and state diagram


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