Family Rides

In Hangtian, family and kiddie rides are widely used in many places, such as amusement park, theme park, outdoor and indoor playground, kindergarten, etc. We believe both adults and kids like our games very much.

  • Coffe Cup

    Coffe Cup

    Sitting in the cockpit for interaction greatly improves fun and attraction of this equipment. This is the main reason for the success of coffee cup. Coupled with colorful colors with a very visual effect, making the children not to leave. O

  • Elephant Train

    Elephant Train

    Electric train is made of Fiberglass Reinforce Plastic(FRP) and Steel, which is durable ,firm, environment friendly, as well as resistant, and highly stable. It is equipped with gorgeous lights and exciting music. It can be installed in amu

  • Fruit Flying Chair

    Fruit Flying Chair

    The fruit flying swing chair is designed as watermelon which can arouse your desire to try it. Both decoration parts and seats of Flying Chair Rides(Swing Carousel, Wave Swinger or Swinger) are made of fiberglass reinforced plastics(FRP), w

  • Jumping Kangaroo

    Jumping Kangaroo

    Kangaroo rides has 6arms,8 arms and 10 arms, and each arm has 2 cockpits. It is adopted to the most advanced PLC display technology, combined high-speed rotation with frequency jumping together, and impressed passengers endless unforgettabl

  • Samba Balloon

    Samba Balloon

    This ride has 8 cockpits, 3 seats for 1 cockpit, and 24 seats large capacity in total. When the ride is at work, all cockpits not only rotate along with the whole rides, but also go up and down because of shaking-head top. Besides, passenge

  • Worm Roller Coaster

    Worm Roller Coaster

    Worm roller coaster is designed by the main body of the worm, the whole rides has two motors in front and behind, the wagons are sliding with the spiral track up and down.

  • Rotating Spacecraft

    Rotating Spacecraft

    The real and vivid air combat sound and light effects make passengers fully experience flying in the air by plane. This amusement ride is not only excellent in performance, easy in operation, but also novel in shape, gorgeous in decoration

  • Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment seat and state diagram

  • Mini Train

    Mini Train

    1. Train cover is new type fiberglass reinforced plastics. 2. Train cabin Decorated with colorful lighting at train.

  • Flower Flying Chair

    Flower Flying Chair

    Mini Flying Chair is one of the most popular and basic games for children, kids can feel flying .

  • Lotus Cup

    Lotus Cup

    Lotus Cup...

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