Family Rides

In Hangtian, family and kiddie rides are widely used in many places, such as amusement park, theme park, outdoor and indoor playground, kindergarten, etc. We believe both adults and kids like our games very much.

  • Self-control Plane

    Self-control Plane

    The aircraft revolves around central rocket, operating lever, fly up and down optionally in playing, chase and shoot each other. The real and vivid air combat sound and light effects make passengers fully experience flying in the air by pla

  • Carousel, Merry Go Round,Roundabout

    Carousel, Merry Go Round,Roundabout

    Carousel ride is also named merry-go-round horse and turntable horse. The merry go round is one a classic amusement park equipment. When merry-go-round works, the turntable rotates at a uniform speed, and the horses with different shapes fl

  • Down Transmission Carousel

    Down Transmission Carousel

    Down transmission carousel belongs to classical Kids Amusement Park Rides. While running, the carousel rides makes actio

  • Up Transmission Carousel

    Up Transmission Carousel

    This product is suitable for park playground, children’s palace, life squares, communities and other densely populated p

  • Ocean Carousel

    Ocean Carousel

    Ocean carousel is divided into two styles, top-drive and under drive. When start, the turnplate runs evenly, and all gestures of hoses swing and run up and down, as if you are driving it in the splendid prairie. The material of FRP has adva

  • Shaking Head Flying Chair

    Shaking Head Flying Chair

    The flying chair is controlled by hydraulic program. The passengers ride in the hanging chair, while the equipment is running, sometimes lifting, sometimes accompanied by a slight loss of weight loss, overweight, weightlessness, moderate ce

  • Mini Shuttle

    Mini Shuttle

    Mini shuttle is in interchange type rut of a new kind of amusement equipment. It is composed of modeling beautiful, different styles of sports car team, each driven synchronous driving, along the orbit direction through the vertical orbit,

  • Frog Hopper Ride

    Frog Hopper Ride

    Itis a largesized Game Equipment of flying tower type, in which visitors can be elevated or dropped with tower body on their seats, vibrating at any time just like a jumping frog in water and thus bringing visitors into the nature to experi

  • Trackless Train

    Trackless Train

    Trackless Train is very popular now all over the world. Almost every child and adult like to drive it. they feel like dr

  • Mini Lifting Rides

    Mini Lifting Rides

    Features: 1. Rotating mechanical aircraft has a variety of cartoon designs, novel and cute. 2. Rotating machine is made of fiberglass and steel, safe and reliable. 3. Can rotate left and right and up and down, novelty interesting.

  • Bear Cup

    Bear Cup

    The bear cup rides is very popular among children, the character was designed according to a popular cartoon "Boonie Bears". it weights with a plate 6 meter. It has 6 cabins, and every cabin can load 4 persons.

  • Bumper Car

    Bumper Car

    Bumper car is also called dodgem car. It is divided in 3 types: battery operated bumper car, ground bumper car, ceiling net bumper car. Generally, when players sit the bumper car, they will drive the car to bump other people's cars. they ca

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