Carnival Rides

Hangtian Carnival rides are one of the most fanciful, romantic equipments. After our upgrades, colors of our carnival rides are more attractive, looking more realistic. They run left and right, up and down, which brings players big joy and happiness.

  • Octopus ride

    Octopus ride

    "Octopus" amusement equipment is the rotated arm amusement project, visitors sit in the cockpit, between the divided rotation and the self rotation, you can feel entertainment and joyful through up and down lifting movement, rotating armrot

  • Watermelon Flying Chair

    Watermelon Flying Chair

    The mini flying swing chair is designed for children. Both decorations of seats and wave swinger are made of reinforced plastics(FRP), which is non-fading. When visitors ride on the hanging chair, in equipment's operation, which sometimes f

  • Ladybug Ride

    Ladybug Ride

    Amusement ladybug ride is one perfect amusement equipment with free and unfettered ladybug colorful seats. Product collects lift, revolution, rotation in one body, Ladybug ride's cockpit could have the passengers themselves control rotation

  • Disco Tagada

    Disco Tagada

    The disco turntable can be rotated at 45 degrees, you sit on the seat, move to the highest point, shake about up and down, and the riders is easy to fall off the seat. The whole process is very exciting and is very popular tourists. Advant

  • Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment

    Rotating lift dinosaur amusement equipment seat and state diagram

  • Jumping Machine

    Jumping Machine

    Jumping machine rides is a new program control of amusement machine equipment, along with the rhythm of the music beat r


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